UFO Broken

"Looking for stuff often makes me thirsty, And stuff"

Pose - *Le Poppycock* Waking lightHair - *Milk* Summer wineSkin -*Glam Affair* Asia Coral BTop - *Paper.Doll* Ruffly KiniSkirt -*Tee*fy* Layla Wrapped Skirt

Pose - *Le Poppycock* Waking light
Hair - *Milk* Summer wine
Skin -*Glam Affair* Asia Coral B
Top - *Paper.Doll* Ruffly Kini
Skirt -*Tee*fy* Layla Wrapped Skirt

Wanna RP Feature #7: The Vale


Here are some pictures from my exploration of this gorgeous Game of Thrones sim.

Please click play on music player below before proceeding.  Ok. :)

They are recruiting for a variety of roles, have a steady player base and support all types of RP from Para to short.  Kind and thoughtful leadership help make this picturesque land come to life.  You’ll see some touches straight out of the books but will also find there’s much to discover in the creative design of the land.  The GCM meter is in effect here (which I think is kinda fun, although in it’s early stages).  If you like Game of Thrones, get over here and check this out!  You won’t be sorry!  Happy RP.